My Vision

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon, then switched to an anime style when Sailor Moon hit the US airwaves in 1997.

The Story

I didn’t start selling artwork until 2006. I first started with artwork commissions on the community site Gaia Online, then later started selling artwork for real dollars on DeviantART. Ever since I’ve been running my own business selling artwork commissions and contracting myself out. Check my portfolio for the past work I’ve done for individual clients as well as work for larger groups or companies.

Krisanna McKellar

3D Generalist & Freelance Artist

Likes: eggs, cappuccino, not having to cook, cats, and the color gray.
Dislikes: honey, pushy people, strong smells, cleaning, and socks.

Next Steps…

Looking for a team member or an individual to fit your needs? Feel free to request a quote.

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