Whoops, Typo

Had a typo on the pricing for a flat colored image. The price has now been updated to it’s correct amount of $52.00USD, this includes up to two characters and no background.


I think my portfolio site is finally complete! I hope everything is easy to follow, making sites isn’t my speciality. Is it weird to use emoji in website designs? There’s a few of them I sprinkled around. I just thought they looked nice. 💦💦

The Site is Almost Finished

Last section to add is the personal information on the “About Me” page. It’s hard, I have no idea what to write about myself, or what should even be there.

At least for now past work experience, competitions we’ve won (I work on indie games with my husband), and the programs I currently use are listed on there.

Welcome to Suoish.com

Hello, Suoish here and I’m currently setting up my own portfolio site. Once it is finished there will be finished works here as examples of what I can do, and forum posts talking about the current things I’m working on (maybe even some wips).

Thank you for taking a visit, and I hope you enjoy your stay.